Monday, September 7, 2009

Help Name the Untitled Around the World Project!

We’ve been having trouble settling on a title for the as-yet Untitled Around the World Project. So let’s see what America thinks! Vote for your favorite title, America!

To inform your decision, you might want to look at our little temp website about the project here. The series boils down to this: our hero, Donovan, is backpacking through India when he becomes entangled in an ancient international conspiracy involving strange little rocks, secret agents, an enigmatic iPhone, and a ghost. This sends him on a chase around the world to solve said mysteries.

This may sound like a comedy, but really it’s more playful than wacky; it's often quite serious. We’re looking for a title that reflects this mix of tones. (To use vampire shows as examples, this project is less comical than “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” but slightly more comical than “True Blood.” Plus add a dash of indie-film sensibility.)

So, here are twelve possible titles, in three duplicate polls. Vote in the first poll for your favorite title, the second for your second favorite, and the third for your third.

If you have any alternate title suggestions or brainstorms, please write them in the comments! And hey, if you come up with the title that eventually gets used, I’ll give you like $50!